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60 seconds: Data centre disaster recovery

In just one minute, you can understand why our DR facilities are highly valued across a diverse set of industries. With 24-hour access, guaranteed uptime and fully-owned state-of-the-art data centres, Blue Chip is the ideal partner when it comes to Disaster Recovery.

Bill Everingham

Disaster Recovery.

Not something many of us want to think about, but sadly, it happens.

Business continuity is a vital part of business life, and here at Blue Chip we actually genuinely understand that.

Because we have two dedicated data centres, one Tier 4 by design and one Tier III, separated by sufficient distance to enable us to meet the most stringent of financial regulations, we're able to back up and provide you with a disaster recovery solution that is probably better than you can find anywhere else in the market.

We provide 24-hour access, guaranteed uptime, invocations on request and because of course, we maintain the equipment, you can rest guaranteed that your vital business will be maintained.

If disaster recovery is significant to you, we've got your back.

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