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60 seconds: IBM mainframe upgrades

Is there a need to migrate from the mainframe environment? Upgrading your technology can be an expensive step, but with our direction, you can have first-class upgrades for a third party price. We've been delivering 'as new' technology and migration expertise to a variety of businesses around the world, for over thirty years.

Bill Everingham

As a company, you're probably looking at the mainframe environment and wondering how and when you can migrate from it.

You may have reached capacity, you may be looking to upgrade your software.

Or frankly just need more storage.

What that basically means for you as a company is you need to upgrade your technology.

The problem that you have there, is that new technology, especially from the manufacturer, can be significantly expensive.

Now, here at Blue Chip, we have a number of ways that we can deliver 'as new' technology to you, that's guaranteed that's absolutely, solidly maintained by one of the best third-party maintainers in the world and is capable of further upgrades - should it be necessary - at third party prices.

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