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Green IT

60 seconds: Recycling IBM Power Systems and mainframes

If you have a used IBM Power System or mainframe that you need to dispose of, then we'd be interested in purchasing them.

Bill Everingham

We're a green IT company, and we have been for over a decade.

If you look at our data centres, they have a power utilisation of 1.1.

Typically a data centre will have somewhere between 1.3 and in bad examples, 2.64.

We're looking to buy your old IBM mainframes and Power Systems.

We'll use them, effectively for spare parts for ourselves, and also for third-party maintainers around the world.

So if you have an old IBM mainframe or Power System that you're looking either to dispose of, or looking to upgrade, call me.

We may be able to help you in part-exchange, and we may be able to buy it from you.

It makes financial sense, but it also helps both yourselves and the planet in terms of green credibility.

So, if you're looking at green IT and you've got old technology - mainframe or IBM Power System - call me.

We'll have a realistic conversation.

Thank you.

Call us today on 01234 224400.