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Customer Experience

A strong commitment to customer experience

One of the biggest differentiators for Blue Chip in a crowded field of IT service providers, is our outstanding level of customer experience. It's what the company has been founded on. Julie Goodway, Business Relationship Manager, talks of how we achieved and continue this reputation.

Julie Goodway

Business Relationship Manager at Blue Chip

Blue Chip is renowned for supplying bespoke IT services to all kinds of industries. Whereas many firms use the term 'customer service', we're all about the customer experience - acknowledging the individual tastes of each customer and working hard to meet their unique challenges. It's why our bespoke IT services are very much in demand. Our Business Relationship Manager, Julie Goodway, talks on our commitment to the customer experience.

The customer experience means to me that we treat our customers as individuals by valuing their business and ensuring that we look to the long-term relationship with that customer by tailoring our services to ensure that we give the best possible experience throughout the lifetime of that relationship and listening to our customers and meeting their needs so that we treat their business as if it was our own.

The customer experience at Blue Chip is different, because we hold our customers in very high regard with the mantra that's been in place for the last thirty years, that the customer is king. We strive to understand our customers' business so that we can be with them through every step of the journey, regardless of how much they spend with us or what services we provide.

Our customers tell us that we invest time in them through our service delivery teams, our service desk and our service desk champions, as well as many of our technical teams, to understand the needs of their business, so that we can put improvements in place to ensure that they have a really good experience.

Continual service improvement is at the heart of everything that we do, so that we can work with our customers to actually fulfil everything we say we're going to do.