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Matthew Bailey at CIO Transformation LIVE in Manchester 2019

Blue Chip's Matthew Bailey attended the CIO Transformation LIVE show at Manchester Central, in June 2019.

Matthew Bailey

National Sales Director at Blue Chip

David Terrar

Founder & CXO, Agile Elephant

David Terrar: Hi, this is David Terrar, reporting, live, from CIO Transformation Live here at Manchester Central and I've got Matthew from Blue Chip with me. So, Matthew, can you introduce yourself and what you do for Blue Chip, please?

Matthew Bailey: Yeah, hi David, it's Matthew Bailey, Blue Chip, I'm the National Sales Director at Blue Chip. I've been there for eighteen years. Really love building long-lasting relationships with my customers and helping them fix their business needs.

David: Tell me a bit more about what Blue Chip does?

Matthew: So, Blue Chip are a Managed Service Provider within the IBM space, we work within the IBM i platform, the AIX and the IBM z, and provide an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud managed service, up to the operating system and database. We're also a provider of an x86 cloud running Windows and also Linux, that's highly available. Where we specialise and where we excel, is with highly regulated workloads, such as financial services, pharmaceutical organisations - people that really need to have the correct accreditations, PCI-DSS, SOC2, HIPAA, etc ISO 27001...

David: Any particular examples of customers you'd like to mention?

Matthew: Yes, so we work with retailers such as Morrison's, we work with publishing companies such as Universal Music Group and a number of pharmas as well that I'm not allowed to name.

David: Interesting! Well, you've been at the show and you've been and had a stand here. How has it been for you so far?

Matthew: Yeah, this is our first time at the CIO events and it's been really good. Particularly of note for me was the Somerset & Devon Fire Service.

David: Harvey Durrant.

Matthew: Yeah, that's the guy. And what he's done for a fire service and how he's taken that forward, was really quite awe-inspiring. Hopefully I might be able to work with him at some time in the future.

David: Excellent, he's got some really good maxims in terms of approach. Any other kind of highlights and things that you've enjoyed so far?

Matthew: I think probably the highlight for today for me has been the socialising and networking.

David: The quality of the people here?

Matthew: Yeah, the level of the people that are here and the time that they've taken to speak to the exhibitors. That's something else that you, you do many an event and they don't... they're here for the tracks and they don't want to speak to their sponsors that are here funding it and whereas today, people have always taken the time, even if it's not been a match, but they've taken the time to explore to see whether there is a match. And that's been really quite nice and really quite special.

David: Excellent. Do you think you might come back to the next one at Silverstone?

Matthew: Potentially! Depending upon dates, we've got lots of things in the calendar, but yeah, potentially, we'd certainly do one again whether we do one this year, we'll see how it goes.

David: Excellent. Matthew, thanks for telling us all about that. And if you check back to CIOTransformation TV and #CIOTL, you'll get more like this, thank you.