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Five factors for a great cloud provider

When picking a cloud provider, are you certain that you can leverage the latest technologies and gain valuable insights from your data? Chris Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing,looks at the flexibility, support, security, AI and the data centre behind Blue Chip Cloud.

Chris Smith

Sales and Marketing Director at Blue Chip

We're proud of the scalable hybrid cloud model we've built for our diverse customer base, yet we know there are a variety of cloud providers out there. We have free advice to help you pick the right one that fits your business needs.

Cloud means different things to different people, but when you're looking to host your business critical applications on a cloud, what does good or great look like?

There are five factors to consider when looking for a good or great cloud to host your applications.

The first is security. What's your risk profile and what accreditations and certifications does the cloud provider have to limit that risk?

The second - is the data centre, so where is the data centre? What's its location - geographically? Is it in the country? Where is your data going to reside? Is the data centre resilient? Is it owned by the person you're talking to, by the cloud provider? Are you introducing supply chain risk by using a cloud provider that doesn't even own their data centre?

Next, is a flexible solution. The cloud solution you're looking for, needs to be able to flex and retract for your peak periods and your quieter periods. It also needs to be able to deliver and provision the infrastructure very very quickly for you. Also, can it burst up into other cloud providers and SaaS providers.

Next is customer experience, so can this provider deliver you a great customer experience? Are they going to look after you? Who are you going to call when you've got a problem in the middle of the night and everything's gone wrong? You need to make sure they're going to be there for you.

Finally, Artificial Intelligence. So can you leverage the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, and can you gain insights in your data without it leaving the perimeter of your cloud solution? Do you have to send it somewhere else, into someone else's cloud in order to get that insight?

All of these factors we considered, when we designed the Blue Chip Cloud.