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Blue Chip at Cloud Expo 2019 with EcoCooling

A leading provider of IT services and support, Blue Chip has focused on environmental concerns. It's no surprise to learn we've worked on data centre projects with EcoCooling, using an ecologically-friendly alternative to traditional air cooling for server equipment.

Eddy Conway

Head of Infrastructure at Blue Chip

Charlie Hawkins

Marketing Executive at Blue Chip

Charlie Hawkins: Hi, I'm Charlie and we are here at Cloud Expo Europe 2019 on the EcoCooling stand. I'm here with Eddy Conway from Blue Chip, and Matthew from EcoCooling. So Eddy, why are we here today?

Eddy Conway: Well, since 2010, we've been in partnership with EcoCooling, when we started to build the data centre, we were looking for innovation, for cooling, not to do the normal thing. And Alan Beresford, the owner of the company, had come along with a design, that we hold patents on, and we installed the very first EcoCooling, in Bedford, the Bedfordshire area. Why did we do this? The EcoCooling is a fresh air cooling system that depends on air just coming in. We don't use AC, we have AC as a back up, which is a massive saving. It is also very good for the environment, because you're not running a megawatt of power every day! To assist the EcoCooling, it uses a water system, that comes over it, to bring the temperature down on hot days. It's been working great for the past eight years. So, what we're doing here today is, we're expanding! And as we're expanding, we're looking at the newer style of EcoCooling. What's the next generation of EcoCooling, so that's why I've been talking to Matt so he's been giving us some insights into what's coming next. Because we're very close to having to build another data centre, which is about, between two and three hundred racks. So, we're looking for, not the same, but innovation as to what we do next!

Charlie Hawkins: Perfect! Okay, thank you. And Matthew, what is the future for EcoCooling?

Matthew Kaufeler: Well, what we've been looking at recently really is developing solutions for, as you can imagine, everyone is for the Edge and particularly for 5G deployment. So rapid deployment, minimum install costs. So that's where we're really moving towards.

Charlie Hawkins: Okay, perfect, thank you very much! So that's us, here at Cloud Expo Europe 2019, thank you!