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60 seconds: IBM mainframe maintenance

Mainframe maintenance costs can heavily impact a business's IT budget. Thankfully, world-class third-party hardware maintenance is available for your IBM data centre hardware, from the latest Z series to older machines.

Blue Chip

IBM makes great technology and mainframes are among the best technology in the world.

They are highly reliable, scalable and have an incredible amount of built-in resilience.

However, the downside of these great server beasts, is the cost of ongoing maintenance support.

Here at Blue Chip, we employ ex-IBM mainframe specialists and we hold all the genuine parts in stock, in the UK.

We even have complete mainframe systems to match our customer configurations in our test labs.

We don't calculate our maintenance charge based upon the IBM list price of the mainframe when new.

This means Blue Chip is able to reduce mainframe maintenance between 30% on new systems such as Z14, and typically 50% on older models.

This can equate to tens of even hundreds of thousands of pounds in annual savings.

To find out more about the banks, insurance companies and global IT outsourcing businesses who put their trust in Blue Chip for their mainframe maintenance, call us today on 01234 224400.