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Introducing Blue Chip Cloud

Does your IT strategy keep pace with your business? Blue Chip Cloud is a secure, resilient and cost-effective foundation for growing your business, which comes with outstanding 24/7 customer service.

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The flexibility of our IBM Power Cloud, available as an OPEX solution, means your IT infrastructure is fully utilised and grows with your business. This brief animated promotion explains more...

Do your IBM systems keep pace with your business?

Like many companies, your your processing requirements may contract and expand several times throughout the year.

Traditionally, IT strategies are linked to projected growth and invested in what the business will look like in three to five years time...

But where do you stand if you exceed or underperform against expectations?

For a competitive edge, you need flexibility with resilience and security.

This is where Blue Chip Cloud comes in.

Blue Chip Cloud is delivered from our wholly owned Tier 4 and 3 Design data centres, ensuring full control over the entire supply chain and minimal risk to our customers.

We're also committed to the environment, providing our customers with a green supply chain.

Blue Chip adheres to a full range of international standards and as is PCI accredited to meet the highest security requirements of the payment card industry, and our customer experience service means you're not dealing with a faceless corporation.

Your service delivery manager will get to know your business, so we are better placed to respond to your concerns, and our UK-based call centres are open 24/7 every day of the year.

All of these facilities and services allow us to deliver network and storage with IBM Power and x86 compute capabilities.

Our unique combination of software-defined network,software-defined storage, virtualised compute, virtualised compute with automation and orchestration, enables our IT teams to build complete production and test environments, including IBM systems, in hours rather than weeks or months.

Our unique cloud solution has connectivity to SaaS and public cloud providers delivering multi-cloud capabilities.

The infrastructure behind Blue Chip Cloud is completely flexible, so your IT provision responds to your business needs and pay for what you use.

Backed by extensive worldwide network connectivity,

Blue Chip Cloud is connecting our clients all over the world.

Your business deserves the freedom to innovate and the ability to budget with one scalable contract, allowing your business to grow.

Your business deserves Blue Chip Cloud.