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Hardware migration

Legacy hardware support from Blue Chip

Among the many specialities of Blue Chip, is the capability to look after older servers, a huge variety of IBM platforms that date right back to the AS/400 era.

Claire Gallagher

Client Director at Blue Chip

John Bines

Maintenance Sales Lead at Blue Chip

Matthew Bailey

National Sales Director at Blue Chip

Eddy Conway

Head of Infrastructure at Blue Chip

Chris Smith

Sales and Marketing Director at Blue Chip

Lee Bailey

Head of Mainframe and Maintenance at Blue Chip

We have an unrivalled set of skills when it comes to IBM hardware maintenance. Our expertise and experience also spans maintenance for non-IBM servers. Key people from Blue Chip spoke at our data centre, on the advantages we provide...

Claire Gallagher, Blue Chip's Client Director: "The very oldest platforms are supported by Blue Chip, all the way through to the newer Power9 systems and everything in between."

John Bines, Maintenance Sales Lead: "We can go back to legacy equipment.

Matthew Bailey, National Sales Director: "Systems that are really really old, such as the 9406 300, 9406 500, the s20, Platform 7 to original 720s, 820, 810s."

Eddy Conway, Head of Infrastructure: "We can support right up to the original AS/400 as you can see, with the examples behind us."

Chris Smith, Head of Sales and Marketing: "There are all the skills we have within the business, coming all the way back from technology that started in the 70s, all the way through to the present right now, so it makes a huge difference for customers that want to work with us.

Eddy Conway: "Machines from the nineties all the way forward. We still have the equipment."

Matthew Bailey: "From a maintenance perspective if it's got an IBM badge on it, we can maintain it. From a storage perspective as well, you know, providing Blue Chip can still buy spare parts, then we will still continue to provide the maintenance on those systems."

Lee Bailey, Head of Mainframe and Maintenance: "So Blue Chip are providing maintenance across IBM's whole range of technology, so we've got customers that have got high-end IBM Z Systems, like very large banks or insurance companies, right down to companies that have small IBM mid-range or Lenovo-type servers and they could just have ten men in their company, but I would say our average customer has probably got, you know, between a few thousand and a few hundred."

Chris Smith: "We go all the way back to technology that - a lot of it that's behind us now! We go all the way back to some technology that was first introduced in 1991. Some of the customers we have still use that. I would say though the majority of our customers are now on the more recent Power7, Power6, Power8, Power9 systems, so I'd say that's where the bulk of customers are now."

Eddy Conway: "There isn't really anything that we don't support. We've had requests from customers of old equipment, where nobody's been able to help them and we've managed to get them out of that hole. Old legacy stuff that they've got one bit of information on, it's been lying in a corner, we've managed to recover it."

Chris Smith: "We've got the skills, we've got the knowledge, we understand where these things have come from, we understand their heritage and the history and we understand where they're going as well, more importantly."

Claire Gallagher: "And that's one of the beauties of Blue Chip, we've got access to the very oldest platforms to the very latest and everything in between."