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IT compliancy

Meeting and exceeding data compliancy standards for providing IT services

PCI-DSS; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001:2015; ISO 22301:2012; ISO 27001:2013 and SOC2 are among the high standards which Blue Chip adheres to. Derek Waterman, Chief Compliance Officer, takes us through these IT and security standards, explaining what they mean.

Derek Waterman

Chief Compliance Officer at Blue Chip

When it comes to IT compliance and certifications, Blue Chip really excels. Our Chief Compliance Officer speaks out on the certification standards we've attained.

Hi I'm Derek Waterman, and I'd like to speak to you about compliance at Blue Chip.

As our customers put their trust in us to look after their IT systems, it's important that they feel comfortable and confident that they're in safe hands. So what do we have?

ISO 27001. Information Security Management system. 113 controls to demonstrate that we handle data and information in a professional and controlled manner. Information security controls and subsequent information security risks reviewed regularly by control and risk owners.

ISO 22301. Business Continuity Management system. Customers will have different levels of resilience built into their IT solutions with Blue Chip, but it's important that customers feel confident that Blue Chip can continue to provide services to them in time of business disruption to Blue Chip specifically.

ISO 9001. Quality Management system. This is all around the continual improvement of our business processes and includes initiatives such as our customer experience and customer satisfaction programmes.

ISO 14001. Environmental Management system. Requiring the adoption of environmental standards and controls, focusing on the reduction of waste and energy consumption.
PCI-DSS - Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard. Blue Chip are a Level 1 Service Provider for managed hosting services. For those customers who handle, process and store credit card data.

Blue Chip are also a Security Standards Council participating organisation, and finally, SOC2. Service Organisational Controls. Blue Chip are assessed on an annual basis against the trust principles of security and availability to provide that added assurance of our controls across the business. So these six certifications enable our customers to have assurance that they are in safe hands with Blue Chip.

It's important at Blue Chip that we increase our engagement with our customers and subsequently I will always be keen to answer any questions that anyone may have regarding any of our compliance certifications.