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Moving to the cloud

Leading technology service provider Blue Chip delivers many advantages for businesses looking to go from physical servers to a highly flexible cloud platform. Experts from Blue Chip explain how easy and fast the migration from server to cloud is, in this brief video.

Chris Smith

Sales and Marketing Director at Blue Chip

Matthew Bailey

National Sales Director at Blue Chip

Lee Bailey

Head of Mainframe and Maintenance at Blue Chip

Claire Gallagher

Client Director at Blue Chip

Stuart Hayden

Technical Solutions Team Leader at Blue Chip

Setting up a transition to the cloud can feel very challenging. However, placing your business infrastructure into Blue Chip's IBM Power Cloud or setting up links with your existing cloud-based assets, is incredibly simple. Our key representatives spoke at our data centre on the unrivalled cloud advantages we offer.

Chris Smith: Blue Chip's Head of Sales and Marketing: "We've invested about 10 million pounds in changing the way we deliver our services out of the data centre."

Matthew Bailey, National Sales Director: "This includes a software-defined network; software-defined storage; software-defined compute and also an automation and orchestration layer.

Lee Bailey, Head of Mainframe and Maintenance: "Blue Chip have a lot of experience migrating customers from an on-premise solution where they're running their IT infrastructure within their own data centre, into what we call cloud or perhaps an Infrastructure as a Service."

Matthew Bailey: "We find and look through what they're currently doing with their machine, what's the current performance on that machine, we then advise whether that's best to go onto a cloud platform with Blue Chip, whether that'd be best to stay on an on-premise or whether that would be best to go into a public cloud depending on the underlying operating system."

Lee Bailey: "There's a technical team, to work with the customer to ensure that we bring the customer across and it and really it should be transparent to the customers' users."

Claire Gallagher, Client Director: "We work very closely with the customers to understand their current platforms, to understand any pain points that they have, and any issues."

Stuart Hayden, Technical Solutions Team Leader: "Where previously it could have taken over 12 hours or 48 hours we're now down to two hours to deploy an IBM LPAR."

Lee Bailey: "We're providing cloud infrastructure, not just on Windows and Linux, which is what many other data centre providers can provide. We were able to do that on IBM technology as well."

Chris Smith: "That service is underpinned by our Tier IV data centre, so it's extremely reliable, highly available. It's underpinned by some great security credentials that we hold ourselves, which means that the customers data is secure and also underpinned by great customer service."

Lee Bailey: "For short periods of time we can boost the processing capacity, like, say for a retailer, so that they get over that peak trading period, or for financial services who may be coming to year end, and we can provide additional capacity. They pay for the level of infrastructure they need for normal 'business as usual', and then they pay us for the one or two or three weeks each year, when they need to double or treble their capacity."

Matthew Bailey: "We have the ability to replicate complete environments, not just at a VMware level, but we replicate a complete production environment within a matter of hours, so we can simulate a live problem that's happening within that customer's production environment and run that test as if it is in production."

Lee Bailey: "We can balance technology across multiple data centres, meaning our customers can have the highest and most resilient solutions available."