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IT security

Minimising security risks in the data centre

Data breaches can break a business reputation in seconds, with the effects lasting for years. Tim Stringer, Chief Information Security Officer, looks at how we defend against malicious threats and other data disasters.

Tim Stringer

Chief Information Security Officer at Blue Chip

Businesses looking to move their infrastructure into a secure data centre should look to Blue Chip. Our CISO, Tim Stringer, provides the reasons, in this video...

Security underpins all of our key IT architectures and at Blue Chip, we've built an integrated system to deal with, and minimise risk for our customers.

Data is one of the key bits and most critical aspects of a customer's system, the crown jewels of their environment. The applications that run that. Are they correct? Are they secure? Are they doing things that they should be doing or should not be doing?

The network, the integrated firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and analytics of the traffic running through the network, the anomalies and behaviours around that. The infrastructure, from a cloud perspective, the standard vendors we see out there and also from Blue Chip's perspective, the ability to deliver Power and Z series within the cloud from a secure hardened perspective.

The compliance and Blue Chip have got a number of certifications from a security perspective, things such as PCI-DSS Service Provider Level 1, SOC2 and ISO 27001 are all integrated and delivered as part of our services to customers. We get intelligence from external threats from verified sources, inbound, advising how the landscape is changing, shaping and evolving, that we need to be aware of and all of this is pulled together from our operations centre.