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Software-defined data centre

The benefits of the software-defined data centre

What exactly is a software-defined data centre and what can it do for your business? Darren Smith, Enterprise Architect, takes us through the advantages of our SDDC.

Darren Smith

Enterprise Architect at Blue Chip

So why did Blue Chip build a Software-Defined Data Centre? It was to provide a flexible cloud solution to meet our customers ever-growing needs.

What does the Blue Chip Software-Defined Data Centre consist of? It consists of a software-defined network, software-defined storage, virtualised computes, and automation and orchestration. The software-defined network allows us to virtualise the network so that we can run the same network configuration in either of our data centres and even extend this into public clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google.

Our software-defined storage allows us to virtualise the storage layer, giving us greater insight into what our storage is doing and easily provisioning storage at the customer's request.

The x86 virtualised compute layer isn't groundbreaking, but Blue Chip have taken it to the next level by virtualising IBM Power and mainframes. To bring this all together, Blue Chip are using automation and orchestration. This allows us to easily provision network storage virtualised compute, with no human interaction.

So what are the benefits of the Software-Defined Data Centre? It will provide a highly flexible, highly reliable performance solution for customers' needs, not only in Blue Chip data centres, but around public clouds around the world.