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Software-defined data centre

Blue Chip’s Flexible Hybrid Cloud Solution

We can establish test and production environments in around 24-48 hours, thanks to our agile data centre. Welcome to your scalable hybrid cloud.

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Chris Smith

Sales and Marketing Director at Blue Chip

Get everything you want out of our scalable hybrid cloud. Watch this brief video to see what our flexible cloud can do for your business.

Traditional deployment of IBM Power systems was manual and slow.

Blue Chip's own software-defined data centre underpins our flexible solution.

A platform comprised of a software-defined network, storage, virtual compute automation and uniquely developed orchestration engine, which allows Blue Chip to deploy and automate Power systems in the most secure way, but faster and enabling you to start projects quickly.

We can deploy infrastructure within a few days, allowing quick and easy testing and innovation, only when you need to.

Blue Chip's flexible solution means that you don't need to own or invest in additional infrastructure.

You only pay for what you use and can easily scale up or down when you need to.

Blue Chip have invested in the development of a completely unique orchestration engine that ensures audited and safe automated deployment of infrastructure through scripted patterns.

This allows Blue Chip customers to bring testing forward, deploy applications faster, be confident about migration, so we are ready to go live when you are.

Resilience is at the heart of every element that makes a Power SDDC.

Backed by enterprise-grade storage, powered by IBM systems and virtualisation.

Underpinned by a next-gen software-defined network, we design resilience in from the ground up to make sure your business keeps running no matter what.

Our software-defined network, moving systems around easily quickly and securely.

And integrate with hyper scale cloud providers for a hybrid solution.

And integrate private and public cloud services under one contract.

And what's more, Blue Chip provide all of this, alongside a face to talk to, and technical expertise.
For one flexible solution, unique to Blue Chip, speak to us today.